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全自动晾茬机主要由机架、风机、传送带和依次连接于传送带上的搅笼、打料棍、翻料棍、下料装置、出料管组成。酒茬在传送带上通过,在打碎和搅拌的同时风机工作,迅速降温,冷 却后的酒茬在下料装置中与酒曲自动混合均匀。
The automatic stubble drying machine is mainly composed of a frame, a fan, a conveyor belt and a stirring cage, a beating stick, a turning stick, a blanking device and a discharging pipe which are successively connected to the conveyor belt. The wine stubble passes through the conveyor belt, and the fan works at the same time of crushing and stirring to cool down quickly. The cooled wine stubble is automatically mixed with the koji in the blanking device.
The distillation process of automatic stubble drying machine can be divided into three stages, namely the beginning stage, the middle stage and the late stage. It should be noted that the degree of liquor received in each stage is different.
The first stage (initial stage): the distillation temperature is below 78.3 ℃, and the liquor is called liquor head. Feed 100 Jin of grain, pinch 0.5 Jin of wine, and so on. The content of low-grade fatty acids, aldehydes, etc. in the wine head is more, and it has a certain aroma, but the miscellaneous flavor is heavy, the dry taste is heavy, and it also has a certain harm to people's vision, so it is generally stored separately.
The second stage (intermediate stage): the distillation temperature is between 78.3 ℃ and 95 ℃. The liquor is normal flow liquor, which is also an ideal commercial liquor. Its main component is alcohol. The degree of wine is about 50 degrees.
Three stages (later stage): the distilling temperature of automatic stubble drying machine is about 100 ℃, and the liquor is called tail liquor. The content of lactic acid and its lipids in tail liquor is several times higher than that in nose liquor head and normal flow liquor. It also contains fatty acids such as ethyl linoleate and ethyl oleate, and more liquor tastes complex and bitter, so it should be stored separately with the head liquor.
In the first stage of the distillation process, we should use large fire to distill the wine. In the second stage of the automatic stubble drying machine, the firepower should be flat and stable. Turn off the blower and slow down the gas distillation. It has been proved by practice that the content of ester in slow fire distillation liquor is high, and the distillation efficiency is also high. Because of slow fire distillation, the steam pressure is low, and the steam is uniform, so that the flavor components in the liquor are dragged by steam into the liquor, so that the content of flavor components in the liquor is high, and the quality of the liquor is also better.



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