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As for the horse drawn cart solid wood wine barrel, I believe we all know that the carvings of horse drawn cart are lifelike and bring us a strong visual art effect. Then some people are curious. How should this be carved? What are the steps? Is it complicated? Rentai's editor will introduce you:
The production process and carving process of horse drawn solid wood wine barrel
Horse drawn solid wood wine barrel
1: First of all, cut the wood into pieces. When you use a hacksaw to cut, it will destroy the growth rings and fibers of the wood itself. Therefore, in the manufacturing process, you must use an artificial axe to make a good oak barrel.
2: For a long time, the wood should be dried. Oak chips must be placed outdoors before making. This process is mainly to increase the water resistance of oak and weaken the astringency of tannin.
3: Put the oak pieces together. Cut the oak that has been dried into pieces that are wide in the middle and small at both ends. Generally, when making a barrel, 32 pieces of oak pieces are needed and fixed with iron bars.
4: A crucial step is to heat and fumigate like a cask. By heating the oak, the oak leaves a smoky flavor, which gives the soaked wine the flavor of almond and bread.
5: Inspection: seal the oak barrel with the cover. After passing the inspection, the oak barrel can be processed and put into the market.
6: Carving: it is the general term of carving, carving and molding. It refers to the use of various plastic materials (such as gypsum, resin, clay, etc.) or hard materials (such as wood, stone, metal, jade, agate, etc.) that can be carved or carved to create a visual and touchable artistic image with a certain space.
7: Silk screen printing: the printing plate is reticulated, and the plate forms two parts: through hole and through hole. When printing, the ink is squeezed by the scraping plate to leak from the through hole part of the plate on the substrate.
The above is the horse drawn car solid wood wine barrel carving process and production steps related to the introduction, I hope the above content can bring you some help.



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