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In fact, automatic wine vending machine is still relatively rare in the market, only in some areas there are places, but in fact, when we use it, we will find that it can be a good physical store to supplement. Today, let's take a look at the reasons for using automatic wine vending equipment.
1、因为酒类的消费基数其实是逐渐的再进行增加的,而且目前消费者对于酒品的兴趣月都是不断提升的,而且各种就来零售店当中所处的地位也都是比较重要的。不过因为酒品的利润已经是越来越透明,而且房租、销售人员等成本也都是逐渐的在升高,酒类的零售店也是不可能像其他品类的社区那样进行普及,所以其实对于消费者还有商家经销商等来说这一种销售方收都是存在一定缺 陷的。
1. Because the consumption base of wine is gradually increasing, and the current consumer interest in wine is constantly increasing, and the status of all kinds of retail stores is more important. However, because the profits of liquor products are becoming more and more transparent, and the costs of rent and sales personnel are also gradually rising, liquor retail stores can not be popularized like other kinds of communities, so in fact, for consumers and dealers, this kind of sales revenue has certain defects.
Automatic wine vending machine
2、而且现在很多的年轻人的消费习惯也都是出现了很大的改变越,已经是有越来越多的人喜欢使用更加方便更加 快捷的8858cc永利来选择需要的产品,而传动的销售方式一般都是不满足这一点要求的。
2. And now many young people's consumption habits have changed a lot. More and more people like to use the more convenient and faster automatic wine vending machine to choose the products they need, and the transmission sales method generally does not meet this requirement.
3. Many young people in the first and second tier cities are more accustomed to the 24-hour shopping experience, but for example, most of the physical businesses close after 8 p.m., so in fact, this kind of night shopping demand cannot be met.
The above is part of the reasons for the use of automatic wine vending machine, because in fact, this way can make some changes in its consumption mode in the future, and it can more meet the needs of consumers for purchasing wine, and even drive more industries to develop together.



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