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The times call for innovation and technology revolution. In line with the call of the times, the wine vending machine plan will continue to practice the "new retail" mode, using artificial intelligence, big data, Internet of things technology, etc. Baijiu will realize the revolution and innovation of liquor e-commerce, and the new retail direction of the wine industry will promote the reconstruction and sustainable development of the whole ecosystem. So what are the improvements of the products to adapt to the times?
1. Eliminate waste according to consumption needs
At present, the scheme of high-tech automatic wine vending machine which is out of the market supports the sales of bottled wine and bulk wine, adapts to various business places, and sells according to the diversified needs of customers. You can try before you buy, reduce waste, bulk wine small capacity can be up to 1ml.
2. Quality assurance, put an end to fake wine
Automatic wine vending machine can help operators control product quality, realize the full anti-counterfeiting traceability of wine, ensure the quality of wine from the source to the terminal, and eliminate the risk of counterfeit wine.
3. High cost performance and high efficiency
Through the automatic wine vending machine, the packaging and intermediate circulation links are reduced, and the cost performance of wine is improved. At the same time, we can try first and then buy, reduce waste and enhance consumers' desire to buy.
4. Private wine cabinet
The terminal of automatic wine vending machine will solve the problem of consumers bringing their own drinks. Consumers only need to hold the membership card of the operation platform, they can enjoy the wine access service at all terminals throughout the country, making it a private mobile wine cabinet, reducing the trouble of bringing their own drinks.
The automatic wine vending machine adopts two-way oto to innovate e-commerce mode. The intelligent wine selling terminal combines the Internet with offline business opportunities to solve the problem of one kilometer offline distribution. At the same time, the intelligent terminal has its own wireless network function, which leads offline customers to a broader online trading platform and realizes two-way oto of online and offline resources.



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