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Compared with modern brewing, Baijiu brewery is more efficient and less expensive in brewing beer and liquor, and plays a key role in brewing. However, there is a serious problem in the small wine making equipment, that is, it is very easy to leak in the process of use. Stainless steel liner solid wood barrel manufacturers always tell you how to prevent and solve this phenomenon.
当小型酿酒设备发生泄漏时,能够采用锡焊进行修 复 ,但值得注意的是,当周围锡的温度小于-13.2℃时,会发生在金属晶格中变成粉状的灰色锡,使焊点泄漏。当温度上升时,就会漏水。
When the leakage of small wine making equipment occurs, tin welding can be used to repair, but it is worth noting that when the temperature of the surrounding tin is less than - 13.2 ℃, it will turn into powdery gray tin in the metal lattice, causing solder joint leakage. When the temperature rises, it leaks.
当温度过低时,不可以使用焊料修 复。假如设备很薄可以用防水胶进行修补,厚的能够钻孔随后用不锈钢螺丝进行封堵。清洗裂缝时,应该先用纱布清洁氧化膜,随后用螺丝刀或短锯片清洁,靠近铝加热,焊条熔化后用螺丝刀将熔化的电 极在裂缝中反复涂抹,使焊 接层增厚。
When the temperature is too low, solder can not be used to repair. If the equipment is very thin, it can be repaired with waterproof glue. If it is thick, it can be drilled and then sealed with stainless steel screws. When cleaning cracks, the oxide film should be cleaned with gauze first, then cleaned with a screwdriver or short saw blade, heated close to the aluminum, and the melted electrode should be repeatedly smeared in the cracks with a screwdriver after the welding rod is melted, so as to thicken the welding layer.
Before maintenance, we should fully understand the characteristics of the equipment and master the details of maintenance, so that we can solve the problem in time in the face of water leakage. At the same time, small wine making equipment in use, to do regular inspection work can not be lax, to prevent the use of equipment problems affect the quality of products.
Therefore, we should do a good job in the maintenance of small wine making equipment, improve the skills of the staff of stainless steel liner solid wood wine barrel manufacturers and their ability to deal with emergencies. We should be calm when we encounter problems!



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