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The most important is the Chinese style, whether stone carving or ink meticulous, only less "this two word rhyme", now even the water has become a kind of enjoyment, why do I say it? Now a new purple dispenser regardless of shape or texture greatly meet the "laocha" who needs to filter out the pure water combines the color of tea and fragrance, really addictive. In addition, purple sand drinking fountains "born with" that simple and clever, is the most people.
Shape, that is, the appearance of the pot image. The teapot does not rely on any color to color sand true colors, rely on plain heart communication of tea, then the texture texture became one of the first appearance of the standard. A good pot, some delicate like a newborn baby, ask Dunsheng compassion; some raw material and clinker mix, rough and immature visible originality. In addition, we have to look at the pot body, each part of the pot should be independent and distinct, and the lines are buffered and smooth, but the main points are obvious in the change of the brightness and darkness.
God, that is, the manner and temperament of a pot. The charm of the pot is not only reflected in the appearance of the surface of the shape of the fun, but also benefit from the beauty of the thinking of the ups and downs of space. Purple sand pot once the charm, it means that it already has a life.
Temperament is the temperament of a pot. A good teapot on one side is always lively and vivid. It is not only an article of daily use, an ornament, but also a work of art. Hide pots for collectors proud, edify sentiment, to obtain a kind of beauty in use. The famous kettle or simple, or frank and sincere, but also more can their inner performance on the pot, pot for the voice, and its own is a kind of emotional expression. Name the pot, is also a kind of beyond time session, an ideology of communication, we can feel a strong artistic appeal in a pot.



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