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In the process of aging wine, tannin, vanillin, oak lactone, eugenol and other compounds in the barrel will dissolve in the wine, which can make the wine more stable in color, softer in taste and more harmonious in flavor. In addition, the wall of solid wood wine barrel has permeability, which can improve the clarity of wine. In fact, the contribution of solid wood casks with different ages to wine is different. For wine, the beneficial ingredients and aroma in the old solid wood cask are much less than those in the new one. Generally speaking, solid wood casks can store wine for five to six years.
不锈钢内胆实木酒桶表面光亮,易清洗、不沾污垢,安 全环保、卫生精制。坚韧、耐腐蚀,结合精湛的抛光工艺,在实用的基础上又突出美观和高雅,而且容易清洗。
The surface of stainless steel solid wood wine barrel with inner liner is bright, easy to clean and free from dirt. It is safe, environment-friendly and sanitary. Tough, corrosion-resistant, combined with exquisite polishing technology, on the basis of practicality, it highlights beauty and elegance, and is easy to clean.
The manufacturing steps of solid wood wine barrel with stainless steel inner liner are as follows:
一、先将取下来的木材劈成木片,在使用钢锯切割的时候,多会破坏掉木头本身的年轮和纤维,所以在制造过程中必 须是用人工斧劈,并经过细磨成为表面平整的木板,这是将散酒木酒桶制造好的基础;
1、 First, the wood is cut into pieces. When cutting with a hacksaw, the growth rings and fibers of the wood itself will be destroyed. Therefore, in the manufacturing process, the wood must be chopped with an artificial axe and finely ground into a flat board, which is the basis for making the bulk wine barrel;
二、时间较长,对木材进行干燥处理。橡木片在制做前必 须置于室外,这个过程主要为了增加橡木的防水性,还可以对单宁的涩味进行弱化;
2、 For a long time, the wood should be dried. Oak chips must be placed outdoors before making. This process is mainly to increase the water resistance of oak and weaken the astringency of tannin;
3、 Put the oak pieces together. Cut the oak that has been dried into pieces that are wide in the middle and small at both ends. Generally, when making a barrel, 32 pieces of oak pieces are needed and fixed with iron bars;
4、 Is a crucial step on things like barrel heating and fumigation. By heating oak, the oak leaves a smoky flavor, which makes the soaked wine have almond and bread flavor;
5、 After the inspection is qualified, the wooden wine barrel can be artistic processed and put into the market.



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