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Along with people's attention to wine containers, wooden wine barrels have attracted more and more attention. They have been praised by people for their beautiful appearance. But what are the problems you should pay attention to when printing? Let's let the technical personnel of rentai wine container give you a detailed answer:
First of all, wood barrel printing and attention. The ink adhesion of wine quality packaging and printing is poor. The ink can be put down by scraping with fingers. After washing and external use of alcohol, the packaging and printing quality and ink film will fall down, especially after soaking in water for a period of time and drying again, the ink can still be put down
Secondly, equipment printing methods and measures: adding appropriate amount of cheap natural rosin, we should adhere to the post production test of wine packaging, adding petroleum resin when the adhesion is not very good, adding domestic petroleum resin when the adhesion is not very good, choosing wooden wine barrel packaging matrix whose surface is not smooth to replace wine packaging and printing ink, and adding anti-skid agent to its packaging and printing ink.
Forestry industrialization is an important way to complete forestry sustainable development. Forestry sustainable development is the basic premise. It is necessary for the forestry industrialization to take the useful performance and continuous strengthening of the comprehensive benefits of forestry as the policy. The wooden wine barrel can ensure the continuous and stable development of economy and society with the ecological and environmental benefits, and ensure the completion of ecological benefits with the economic and social benefits.



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