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With the development of the wine industry, stainless steel liner solid wood barrel is developing faster and faster. Although it has many advantages, there are also many precautions. Here is a brief introduction.
Precautions for use of stainless steel solid wood wine barrel with inner liner:
1. An important factor is temperature. The best storage temperature of wine should be about 13 ℃. Keep the temperature constant, otherwise it will do great harm to the quality of the wine. With the increase of temperature, the ripening time of wine body will shorten, the flavor of wine will become rough, and the wine may deteriorate due to excessive oxidation.
2. The effect of humidity is mainly on cork, and the humidity is generally 60% - 70%. If the humidity is too low, the cork will become dry, affect the sealing effect, let more air contact with the wine, accelerate the oxidation of the wine, and lead to the decline of the quality of the wine. Of course, too high humidity is not good, cork mildew will also damage the quality of the wine.
3. Ultraviolet light in the light of wine damage is also great, is also one of the culprits of accelerating the oxidation process of wine, therefore, want to long-term preservation of wine must be placed in a dark place.
4. Wine in the bottle, its change is a slow process, vibration will make wine to accelerate ripening, of course, the result is to make wine rough. So it should be put away from the vibration, and don't move it often.
5. There is also the placement of wine bottles. As we all know, wine should be placed horizontally. In fact, it is OK to tilt the bottle mouth up 15 degrees. For red wine that needs to be stored for a long time, it is not advisable to place the bottle mouth downward. Because there will be sediment when the wine is stored for a long time, the sediment will gather at the bottom of the bottle when the wine is placed flat or the bottle mouth is slightly tilted upward; If the mouth of the bottle is inclined downward, the sediment will gather at the mouth of the bottle and stick there for a long time. When pouring the wine, the sediment will be poured into the glass together, affecting the taste of the wine.



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