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As the core part of wine making technology is fermentation and distillation, the clinker will be distilled after fermentation, but many friends who brew and drink by themselves are still not very familiar with the process of steaming wine. In order to improve the quality of wine making equipment, how to solve the problem of distillation and water addition? Stainless steel liner solid wood barrel equipment manufacturers for your analysis.
First, the good state of clinker fermentation is even soup with thick state, but why add water when steaming wine? According to the difference between solid fermentation distillation and liquid fermentation distillation; Solid state fermentation distillation needs bottom water. If rice liquid fermentation distillation is used, bottom water can be added or not. Bottom water needs to be boiled in advance, so it is difficult to paste the fermented mash into the pot.
Secondly, when someone steams wine, they spread a layer of gauze on the grate. In fact, the reason for this is to isolate the solid rice grains and liquid liquor in the rice mash, so as to avoid the paste of solid rice grains in the pot. In the process of steaming, it is difficult to master the alcohol content of distilled liquid. The key is to observe by experience, that is to say, picking wine by watching flowers is to judge by the texture of hops produced during distillation. The alcohol content in the end of the wine is very low, so the end of the wine should be pinched when pinching.
For Baijiu making equipment, because steaming wine is part of the whole process of wine making technology, how to control flower and wine is a decisive factor in liquor quality and taste. However, for the process of steaming wine, as long as we can observe the formation of hops, we can distill high-quality wine by operating several times.



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