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There are two different ways of heating the Baijiu brewing equipment. There are two different heating methods. One is the use of electric heating boiler, the other is the use of fire heating boiler. So what is the difference between the two heating methods? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?
The advantage of electric heating is that it looks easy to use, and there is no exhaust emission. It's easy to use, that is, it can be used when it's plugged in. It's much more convenient than making a fire to boil water. And if you use coal or firewood to make a fire, there will be smoke and dust. Do you worry about using electricity.
But the disadvantages of electric heating are also obvious. First of all, in general, it needs three-phase power, that is, industrial power, so as to ensure its heating speed. In this case, in order to use electric heating equipment, it is necessary to transform the whole line, which will involve a relatively large modification cost. At the same time, if such a large power is used in densely populated areas for a long time, there are still fire hazards, which need special attention.
The problem of electricity is on the one hand, and on the other hand, the service life and maintenance of the electric heating rod. Compared with the current problem that the equipment needs to face at the beginning of use, the service life and maintenance problems of the electric heating rod are not easy to be discovered quickly, but after a period of use, as short as half a month, as long as half a year, this problem will be exposed. Moreover, a layer of scale will condense on the surface of the electric heating rod during use, which will affect the heating effect. Once the heating rod is damaged and needs to be replaced, it is a big problem for ordinary customers who have no repair experience.
Because the replacement of electric heating rod needs to pay attention to the sealing and insulation at the same time, ordinary customers are reluctant to replace it. After a brief analysis of the electric heating wine making equipment, let's look at the fire heating wine making equipment. Using fire to heat wine making equipment, there is no worry about refitting the circuit, and it can be used after being directly installed. Its defect is: when wood or coal is burned, it will produce waste gas and slag, and if it is used in densely populated areas, it will be limited. At this time, we can consider using anthracite or natural gas with higher cost, which will basically solve the problem of waste gas generation.



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