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Wine, we are very familiar with, we know that when processing wine, the most important process is fermentation. So what is the fermentation process? Next, the famous wine making equipment factory in Hebei Province will elaborate how to carry out fermentation treatment when making wine.
The first is to spread out the raw materials of saccharification and cool them. At the same time, do not forget to add double amount of waste tank and mix them evenly. When the mixture cools to 24 ℃, we need to put it into the pool, smooth and compact it, then sprinkle a layer of waste tank or rice husk on it, and then seal it with yellow mud.
It is worth mentioning that if the thick cardboard or wooden cover is used to cover it tightly, it will be more convenient to collect exhaust gas; secondly, a 3cm exhaust hole is reserved in the center of the pool, which will facilitate the collection and use of carbon dioxide.
At the same time, the temperature of the pool should also be maintained at about 22 degrees Celsius, and don't forget to check it once or twice a day. After 3 or 4 days, the temperature will gradually increase, and then the alcohol fermentation will be more vigorous. When the temperature in the pool drops, take it out and steam it.
Under normal circumstances, the alcohol will be fermented in about a week. The next is to wait for the raw materials to ferment for 8 hours, raise the temperature to 35-37 ℃ and maintain it for a period of time. The fermentation is completed when the temperature is lowered to 25 ℃.



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