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The shape of horse drawn cart barrel is unique. Many businessmen regard it as a kind of handicraft and put it in the corner of their desk, which is also a kind of beautiful vision for the future. Some people prefer this kind of European medieval retro fashion, and this handicraft meets the user's exploration of delicacy and classicality. The exquisite treatment of details also improves the overall environment Taste, as if to take us into the quiet classical 17th century.
Horse drawn car oak barrel is a fine product of carved oak barrel, and it is also the decoration of most rich families. It is not only beautiful and generous, but also can taste delicious wine and enjoy the fun of life.
As early as in the 17th century, in order to resist the malt tax imposed by the government, British winemakers made oak barrels of different sizes. They put all the wine into oak barrels and stored it in caves. After a year, they took out the barrels. Miraculously, they found that the color of the wine turned golden yellow, and the taste of the wine was extremely mellow, accompanied by an unprecedented fragrance. Please refer to the container of rentai wine for specific related content
As a result, the method of making wine with oak casks was born. Later, with the pursuit of art, various kinds of carved casks were developed. Among them, the horse drawn cart oak cask is the most classic one. The "horse drawn cart oak cask" which was once collected in the underground wine cellar of ten years old is still the classic work of oak casks.
Horse drawn car oak barrel is the most classic carving of wine barrel. Nowadays, it is not only used as a wine storage appliance, but also beyond its own meaning. It is regarded as an art, a culture, and a symbol of status and taste. Oak barrel and its matching wooden technology make its products more practical and valuable for collection.



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