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1、 Wood barrel or wood chip barrel is a traditional wine making tool, which can improve the quality of wine. The fragrance of solid wood can improve the taste of wine. The application of solid wood chip and solid wood powder is a new technology and new process for the development of red wine industry, which is different from the use of wine barrel.
The barrel thinks that the chemical substance in the solid wood chip is the same as that in the wine barrel. The gallbladder wine can penetrate the barrel wall and breathe the oxygen bottle through the barrel wall in the wine barrel. This is something that the solid wood chip does not have. In the whole process of aging, it is suggested to choose the wine barrel. The solid wood chips play an auxiliary role and have the function of auxiliary tools.
2、 Whether the wooden cask can be used indefinitely? It can be used indefinitely. Red wine can touch the wall of the cask in the wine, and its aromatic chemicals can be mixed into the water. With the passage of time, the aroma in the wine becomes less and less, and the aroma on the wall of the barrel will gradually decrease. The barrel thinks that the old barrel is vulnerable to the pollution of adverse microorganisms, and its effective components will also decrease.
Generally, the service life of the wine barrel should be no more than 10 years. In the later stage of application, solid wood chips can be added to increase the effective components of wine barrel. When the wine barrel is applied to a certain age, it must be replaced immediately.
3、 Should the procurement of wooden wine barrels be in place in one step? Due to the high cost of wine barrels, some enterprises want to make great profits at one step when the new distillery is under construction. Keg thinks this idea is impractical.
The wine barrel is better for regular, small amount and continuous purchase. Choose from the roots. According to the brewing wine situation every year, change it immediately. Choose the right barrel. Friends of self brewed wine, it is better to buy suitable wine barrels of different sizes, and change wine barrels according to the storage capacity.



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