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Nowadays, there are too many people pursuing the quality of life and improving the elegant mood of life, so the demand for red wine is also increasing. We all know what kind of storage method should be chosen when loading red wine. Some people will say that it should be stored in wooden casks. Now let's talk about its impact on red wine.
The influence of wooden cask on red wine:
Nowadays, people's requirements for the quality of wine are constantly improving. According to the market demand, people pay more attention to the full-bodied and mellow aroma of wine. Of course, most people choose the fermentation and preservation method of wooden cask, which not only can resist preservation, but also can ensure that its taste will not be lost. After the improvement of the cask, the baking method was adopted. Soon after its launch, the cask was widely welcomed by the public. This is because the flavor of the solid cask in the wine aged with the light baking cask is lighter, so it meets the requirements of most people, ensuring the fragrance of the wood and the original mellow aroma of the red wine.
At this point, we still don't know how to taste the stainless steel liner solid wood wine barrel, please continue to look.
1: First open the barrel fermented wine, pour a small amount in the cup. Shake the glass and smell it immediately. You will smell a strong woody aroma mixed with other fruits. Then take a sip and let the wine flow slowly through any part of your mouth. The first thing you can smell is vanilla and butter. After that, you will feel the taste of ripe tropical fruits such as mango, pineapple or papaya.
2: After tasting the wine fermented in wooden casks, we will taste the wine fermented in solid wood casks with stainless steel liner. Also pour a small amount into the glass, shake the glass and smell it immediately, then you will find that the first thing you taste is bright apricot, peach or ripe green apple. The Chardonnay fermented or aged in stainless steel tanks is lighter.
In addition, the wooden cask also has the effect of precipitating impurities, ensuring the most perfect quality of wine. However, I would like to remind you that when you choose wine barrels, you should not only pay attention to cheap prices. In order to taste high-quality red wine, we need to choose high-quality equipment, so that we can taste high-quality red wine.



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