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1. The spreading and airing machine is made of 304 wire drawing square tube and 304 wire drawing plate by welding, with high strength, neat and beautiful appearance, no rust, easy maintenance and wiping; the internal air chamber is designed with straight drainage outlet, and the chain channel and air chamber can be directly washed with water.
2. The whole machine is controlled by frequency conversion and stepless adjustment of automatic warping speed. The outlet is equipped with infrared temperature sensor to automatically control the temperature of waste grains. According to the temperature, the number of fans and air volume are controlled to achieve the purpose of waste grains cooling and save energy.
3. The main drive adopts domestic reducer and one-stage large module gear transmission, which has compact structure, large output torque and is not easy to be damaged; the running speed of the cooling grain chain is controlled by frequency converter, which can be adjusted steplessly in the range of 0.5-2.6m/m to meet the technological requirements of the grain machine; the outlet of the grain machine is equipped with a temperature sensor, which can measure and control the temperature of the grain in real time and control the running speed of the cooling grain chain, so as to ensure the air spreading effect;
4. The screen plate is made of 304 stainless steel, with a pitch of 100 and a width of 1220. The screen holes are long holes, without flash and burr, and have good air permeability;
5. Three or four powerful centrifugal fans are used to cool the distiller's grains. The fans can be operated with frequency conversion and power frequency. According to the outlet temperature, the computer can automatically control the start and stop, frequency conversion and power frequency operation of each fan, and cooperate with two sets of slag roller to turn the distiller's grains, It can reduce energy consumption and ensure the effect of distiller's grains spreading and airing;
6. The koji adding machine designed according to the matching process requirements can automatically add koji, with a weighing sensor, automatically adjust the motor frequency, control the koji adding ratio, and accurately control the koji adding ratio; after koji adding, the distiller's grains fall into the hopper (or distiller's pool) after being stirred by the lifting machine to ensure the full mixing after koji adding;
Small automatic stubble cooling machine
如何选择凉茬机  酿酒凉茬机品种齐全 环保节能省时
How to choose the cooling stubble machine for liquor making
7. With stainless steel operating platform, the machine can be observed at any time and adjusted manually at any time.
8. A stainless steel slurry spray pipe is designed at the outlet of the spreading and airing machine, which is convenient for adding slurry after the distiller's grains are spread and aired. The water pipe is equipped with a flowmeter, and the slurry is added evenly and controllable.
9. The air chamber of the machine is designed with a cleaning door to facilitate the cleaning of residues inside the machine.



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