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什 么样的木酒桶好呢?在这众多种类的木制酒桶中,木酒桶因其环保自然、恒温,美观,耐用等特点而受到很多酒厂厂家和藏酒爱好者的喜爱,可是由于木制酒桶是 近年来才开始流行的酒桶,酒厂厂家和藏酒爱好者们大多对如何选购好的木酒桶不太懂得,这样很容易选到质量不合格的木制酒桶。
What kind of wooden cask is good? Among these kinds of wooden wine barrels, wooden wine barrels are popular with many wineries and wine lovers because of their environmental protection, natural, constant temperature, beautiful and durable characteristics In recent years, the wine barrel has become popular. Most wineries and wine lovers don't know how to choose a good wooden wine barrel, so it's easy to choose the unqualified wooden wine barrel.
Selection skills of wooden wine barrel
The skill of choosing wooden cask is to choose the brand of wooden cask you want
由 于木酒桶的制作工艺要比通常的酒桶复杂,所以酒厂厂家和藏酒爱好者们在选择木酒桶时,好是选择品牌知名度在业内较高的木制酒桶品牌,这样即使发现问题, 也可以找到商家进行退换货维修,但如果酒厂厂家和藏酒爱好者们选的是杂牌或者是没有品牌的木酒桶,以后在使用中发现问题,很有可能根本找不到商家进行赔 偿。
Because the manufacturing process of wooden casks is more complicated than that of ordinary casks, when wineries and wine lovers choose wooden casks, it is better to choose wooden casks with high brand awareness in the industry, so that even if problems are found, You can also find businesses to return and replace the goods for repair, but if the winery manufacturers and wine lovers choose wooden wine barrels with different brands or without brands, they may not be able to find businesses to compensate if they find problems in using them in the future.
The second skill of choosing wooden cask is to see the wood of making wooden cask
目前,制作木酒桶所用树种大致包括:橡木、红松木和杂木,这三类树种中,橡木酒桶的木质好,但是价格也贵,大概在1千元到几千元不等,这主要是因为橡木不仅材质坚硬、韧性好、密度大,而且木结较少、色彩均匀、手感光滑,并且不容易变形; 红松木属于比较珍贵的木材,木质坚硬、密度高,纹理也细腻漂亮,并且价格也不是很贵,大概比橡木桶便宜一半,比较适合大众消费; 杂木是乱七八糟的木材角料,价格便宜的,但是质量不是很好,容易开裂变形,所以酒厂厂家和藏酒爱好者们好不要选择杂木制作的木酒桶,虽然价格便宜,可 是没使用几天就坏掉,就算您是几十块钱买到的也是一种浪费。
At present, oak, Korean pine and miscellaneous wood are widely used in making wine barrels. Among these three kinds of trees, oak has good wood quality, but the price is also expensive, ranging from 1000 yuan to several thousand yuan. This is mainly because oak is not only hard in material, good in toughness, high in density, but also has less knots, uniform in color, smooth in hand, and is not easy to deform; Pinus koraiensis is a kind of precious wood, with hard wood, high density, fine texture and beautiful texture, and the price is not very expensive. It is about half cheaper than oak barrel, which is more suitable for public consumption; Miscellaneous wood is a mess of wood corner materials, the price is cheap, but the quality is not very good, easy to crack deformation, so the winery manufacturers and wine lovers do not choose the wooden wine barrel made of miscellaneous wood, although the price is cheap, but it doesn't use for a few days, even if you buy it for several ten yuan, it is a waste.
How to choose wooden cask
In addition to the tree species used in the wooden cask, it also depends on the manufacturer of the wooden cask. Generally, try to choose a larger manufacturer. If you order in bulk, try to visit the factory to see the workshop, production process, production capacity and number of workers of the wooden cask manufacturer. If it's a small workshop opened by the couple in their own home, you don't have to choose to place an order.
How to choose wooden wine barrel
高质量的木酒桶厂家都有外观设计证书木酒桶的板与板之间拼合紧密、光 滑,手感细腻,烤漆也都是用的好的油漆无刺鼻的异味,色泽艳丽明亮,光滑,不掉色不变色。不容易刮伤划伤。如果与此相反,就好不要选购。
High quality wooden wine barrel manufacturers have appearance design certificate. The boards of wooden wine barrel are closely and smoothly combined with each other, and the handle is delicate. The baking paint is also good. The paint has no pungent smell, and the color is bright, smooth, and does not fade or change color. It's not easy to scratch. If on the contrary, it is not necessary to buy.
Skills of choosing wooden cask 5. After sales service of wooden cask manufacturer
Due to the strict quality control of wooden wine barrels, it is necessary to produce beautiful and durable wooden wine barrels. This process needs the support of human and material resources. Some small workshops will omit some links and leave hidden dangers. So they have ghosts in their mind. The simple way is to ask them how long after-sales service can guarantee you. If you dare not guarantee the manufacturer for 3 months, then you have no choice.



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