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We make all kinds of wooden. Iron. Aluminum. Stainless steel. Wine basket and other wine containers; all kinds of models. Specifications filling line complete equipment. The traditional technology is used to antiseptic all kinds of wine containers, such as blood, mulberry paper, chemical raw materials, epoxy resin, etc. It can be used in restaurants, bars, shops, families and wine making enterprises to store and retail wine. The wine containers sold are simple and elegant in shape, unique in technology, excellent in quality and reasonable in price. Their antique style can add unique charm to the brand packaging of wine making enterprises.
The wooden wine barrel has good sealing effect and will not make the wine volatilize. It not only keeps the original flavor of the wine, but also adds the flavor of the wine, making the wine more sweet and delicious. Moreover, the material of wooden cask is natural wood, which is a kind of green container, and the service life of wooden cask is much longer than other containers.
1. Baijiu wooden barrel is made of wood and made of solid wood.
2, Baijiu Baijiu, professional aluminum foil liner, moisture barrier, barrier, light, permeability and appearance of the beautiful function (normal temperature, wine, red wine, liquor in the barrel will not deteriorate, volatile)
3. The perfect radian of Baijiu wooden barrel is exquisite, smooth and generous, showing the tension of wooden barrel.
4. The barrel of wine Baijiu is suitable for fresh storage and storage of wine and other wines and fruit juices.
5, Baijiu wooden barrel is suitable for family, hotel, bar decoration, and is a symbol of identity and taste.
6, Baijiu wooden barrel is suitable for presenting special gifts to friends and relatives.
7. The wood cask is made of natural oak, Korean pine and other dense materials. It is finely carved by the traditional "tenon and mortise iron hoop" process. The log texture is clearly visible, green, non-toxic and durable. The charm of local ancient charm and manual skills is now in the middle of the cask.
8. It can preserve liquor and give liquor some new flavor. After a special way to make wine to strengthen the flavor, this flavor will affect the wine.



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