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The older, the wiser. The longer the Baijiu is, the better the taste is. Baijiu distilled liquor has a pungent irritation, a bad smell, a bitter taste and a coarse flavor. It is called new wine. When Baijiu is properly stored, the aroma will increase, the wine will be soft, and the components in the wine will be more harmonious. The storage of liquor should not only take into consideration the time factor, but also consider the temperature, humidity, ventilation, light and storage capacity, and different storage containers and capacity. It is better to use ceramic cylinder to store Baijiu, and the storage temperature is 20 degrees.
Changes of storage time and liquor quality
In the production of liquor, whether it is brewed liquor or distilled liquor, the stage after the end of fermentation process and the disappearance of microbial action is called aging. There is a premise for aging, that is, the wine must be made well in production, and the second wine will not get better even after long-term storage.
There should also be a limit to aging. Not all wines are as old as possible. The storage period of wine should be different with different types of wine, different containers, different capacities and different room temperature, and the time should not be taken as the standard in isolation. In summer, the temperature of wine storehouse is high, and in winter, the temperature is low. Reasonable storage period should be determined on the premise of quality assurance.
In the early storage stage, the new flavor of Baijiu and Luzhou flavor liquor is prominent, and it has obvious spicy and spicy taste. However, after storage for 5-6 months, the flavor gradually changed. It is ideal to store it for about one year. Baijiu Baijiu Baijiu liquor has a storage period of more than 9 months and only a little old wine flavor. It indicates that the storage period of Maotai flavor liquor should be longer than that of other aromatic liquor, and usually requires more than 3 years. The alcohol concentration of Maotai flavor liquor is high when it is put into storage, most of which are about 55 degrees. The chemical reaction is slow and the storage time is long.



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