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Malachemu wine barrel is made of Changbai Mountain and imported high-quality oak raw materials. It adopts the traditional technology and introduces the most advanced production equipment from abroad. It is refined by the most cutting-edge barrel making technology in the world. It has exquisite workmanship and diversified values such as art, collection, appreciation, decoration and gifts. All seams of the can body do not need any adhesive, which is not harmful to human health
Advantages of horse drawn wooden wine barrel:
1. Tannin contained in oak can accelerate the ripening of wine, and make all kinds of wine taste more mellow and rich in a short time. Oak also has unique air permeability. Trace oxidation reacts with wine through barrel wall, and different aromatic substances can be produced in the oxidation process. Meanwhile, softening tannin promotes the precipitation of insoluble substances, making wine soft Balanced, full-bodied, with a good aftertaste.
2. Oak can volatilize the polyphenols and aromatic substances in wine. The wine with oak barrel can increase the structure and make the wine more mellow and flavorful. Oak also has the advantages of stabilizing and increasing the color of wine. Generally, the color of wine treated with oak looks bright and pleasant.
3. Drinking wine stored in oak barrels for a long time can resist aging, nourish the face, accelerate the regeneration of brain cells, reduce the content of harmful cholesterol in blood, and have certain health care effect on heart and brain vessels.
The technology of horse drawn wooden wine barrel is as follows
After careful material selection, radial cutting, high-temperature cooking and high-frequency hot pressing, complete sets of advanced equipment and technology are adopted for scientific processing and production.



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