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First of all, when the equipment is filled with water to 1m below the designed high liquid level, the fixed top strength and tightness pressure test shall be carried out, the light transmission hole shall be closed, and the U-shaped differential pressure gauge shall be installed at the same time. When the U-shaped differential pressure gauge is pressurized to the design required water column, soapy water shall be used to check each welding seam on the top of the tank wall, and the pressure rise shall not exceed the design required water column. If it is not satisfied and there is no abnormal deformation on the tank top, it is qualified, and then Open the transparent hole and continue to fill water until the designed maximum liquid level of the tank is reached. After the water filling of the first tank is qualified, connect the water filling pipeline of the second tank and discharge the water to the second tank. The stability test of the fixed roof should be filled to the designed maximum hydraulic pressure and carried out by the waterproof method. At this time, the negative pressure test should be carried out for the differential pressure. When one side of the tank drains slowly and depressurizes to the designed water column, the normal pressure should be restored.
Secondly, every morning and afternoon, we should go down from the steel ladder at the air inlet to check the fluctuation of the floating capacity. At the same time, we should check and polish the tank wall and splashing slag, protect the belt of the sealing plate of the floating plate, and polish the margin of the water filling height at night. During water filling and drainage, check the lifting of floating plate in the tank. Stop filling for 48 hours and check the cracks around the foundation and ground floor. The Baijiu can be used from the top of the tank to the north and south direction of the tank. In the process of flushing, it is necessary to check whether there is any trace of water leakage on the tank wall and bottom plate, and timely drain if any.
Finally, when doing the experiment, we should also pay attention to the safety measures in the construction of wine tank. It is strictly forbidden to bring cigarettes and kindling into the construction site. During the construction of the tank crane, the command liaison system must be safe, reliable and firm, and the hoisting speed must be strictly controlled to prevent accidents. The construction in the warehouse must strictly abide by the relevant fire prevention system, timely handle the fire approval procedures, carry out the fire in the designated area, and do not have to turn off the power supply of construction tools and extinguish all kinds of fire before work.
Strengthen self-protection. Before working at height, you must check whether the scaffold is safe and reliable, whether the ladder has anti-skid measures, whether the springboard will jump and other key parts. During the positive pressure test of stainless steel tank, the U-type pressure gauge should be closely observed, and the tank body should be connected with the atmosphere immediately after the acceptance. All kinds of electric equipment, hand-held electric tools and tanks must be grounded reliably and equipped with leakage protector. All kinds of wires and cables must be well insulated. Besides, it is necessary to check whether there is any damage to the insulation and deal with it in time. Sufficient fire extinguishers and related fire prevention equipment shall be prepared in the construction area to ensure the construction safety.



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