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What are the distillation functions of Baijiu liquor making equipment? Distilled grains are distilled mainly from alcohol and aroma substances, and are distilled into a certain amount of water and mixed with some trace substances. At the same time, distillers' grains are made from solid substances such as high boiling point substances and water.
In addition, some low boiling point impurities such as carbon dioxide, alcohol, hydrogen sulfide and free ammonia are discharged from the gas phase. At the same time, it can concentrate alcohol and aroma components.
The brewing equipment concentrated 4% to 6% of the fermented grains of ethanol to 50% to 70%, and other substances also increased the concentration, so that the Baijiu should maintain its proper ethanol content and have a special aroma.
The principle and function of liquor making Baijiu equipment: the principle of brewing equipment: three of the 2% components of liquor contain water, ethanol and total amount of trace components. The proportion of water and ethanol constitutes the degree of alcohol. High water content leads to low degree of alcohol, while low water content leads to high degree of alcohol. The type, content and the proportion of various trace components constitute the quality of wine. Many trace components directly reduce the quality of wine, and more trace components with too high content will also reduce the quality of wine. The boiling point of these trace components that affect the quality of wine is above 100 ℃, the boiling point of water is 100 ℃, and the boiling point of ethanol is 78.3 ℃. According to the different boiling points of the three substances and the formation principle of alcohol degree and quality, we designed the brewing equipment.
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