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  Fully automatic stubble cooler is a new type of brewing equipment, which has the characteristics of high speed and efficiency. It can automatically add water, lower curd, discharge material, mix evenly, disperse cooling effect and its ideal. Each automatic stubble cooler consists of a starter. The starter is one of the most important devices of the automatic stubble cooler. The buckling device is located at the bottom of the fully automatic stubble cooler, which can collect the leaking material from the lower inlet and outlet, thus saving material and avoiding the phenomenon of wastage.
  Characteristic of Quilting Device of Automatic Stubble Cooler:
  1. A curved basket is arranged under the lower opening of the feeding hopper of the fully automatic stubble cooler and above the transmission chain at the bottom of the fully automatic stubble cooler.
  2. The ends of the connecting basket are respectively fixed on the cross beam of the support of the automatic stubble cooler.
  3. The bending basket is a folded guard plate lifted at one end.
  4. A conditioning bolt is arranged at the lifting end of the folding guard plate to adjust the folding height of the bending basket on the cross beam.
  5. The collection structure of leaks in the outlet of the feeding hopper is formed by connecting the baskets.
  6. The new type of application can effectively stop collection and secondary application of leaking materials, thereby saving materials.
  These are the characteristics of the buckling device of the automatic stubble cooler. We must understand and be familiar with the characteristics of the device when we use it, so that we can make better use of it. For more information, please click on our website: .



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