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① Accurate ingredients, strict operation: technical personnel according to different seasons for the wine workshop to develop a scientific and reasonable proportion of raw and auxiliary materials, and as a supervisor. The staff of liquor making operation should strictly execute according to the share of process utilization, accurately match the ratio, and do not change the ratio of fermented grains for the sake of one-sided pursuit of liquor yield. Especially to ensure the concentration of starch into the cellar can increase the mellow and fullness of the wine.
② Slow fire distillation, quantity and quality of wine: aroma by fermentation, aroma by distillation. Strengthen the basic skills of steamer operators to ensure that the steamer is loose, light, uniform, without steam pressure, without blasting, steamer is loaded by Zhongqi, liquor is distilled slowly, and liquor is picked by quantity and quality. The Baijiu distilling system is chaotic, and there are more granular matters in fermented grains, and they are mostly boiling point, hard to distillation and easily soluble in high alcohol.
③ If the rising speed of steam is too fast, the rising speed of alcohol in fermented grains is accelerated, uneven and low in concentration, and the flavoring substances can not keep up with the rising speed of alcohol. If they can not be steamed out, the quality of wine is poor, which also makes it difficult to pick up the wine. On the contrary, slow fire distillation can make the alcohol rise slowly and evenly, with high concentration, fully dissolve most of the flavoring substances, and distill them together to the base wine.
For wine making equipment, due to the climate and environmental characteristics in different seasons, the requirements of cellar entry process should be seriously implemented, the slag times should be identified, and the cellar entry parameters should be accurately controlled. Insist on the low temperature into the cellar, ensure that the early stage of slow fermentation, medium-term stand, late temperature slow decline, so as to be conducive to the generation and accumulation of aroma substances. Strengthen the fermentation management, record the temperature rise, and follow the cellar in time.
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