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Solid wood wine wine because the effect is very good, is now often used in winemaking equipment, but because we are not professional and technical personnel, also without professional training, which will enter a lot of errors, resulting in irreparable harm, hope we must be vigilant following introduction on the equipment error.
A wine is used by wood or wood.
Which is the traditional wooden barrel brewing tools, improve wine effect, which can improve the aroma of wood wine taste. Application of solid wood chips and wood powder is a new process of Wine industry development, and the use of different. Think in wood casks rentaiiron material and the wooden barrel, the barrel through the barrel wall and bile wine can breathe oxygen, it is solid wood chips do not have, in the aging process, or the use of solid wood wine cask rentai suggestions. And solid wood plays a supporting role.
Two, whether the wooden barrel can be used indefinitely
The wine is in contact with the barrel wall of the wine and its aromatic substance is incorporated into the water. With the passage of time, the wine aroma is less and less, the aroma of the barrel wall will gradually decrease, that old wine barrel barrel rentai vulnerable to adverse microbial contamination, the effective ingredients will be reduced. The wooden barrel life best not more than 10 years. The latter can be added to increase the effective components of wood, the barrel. When using a barrel after a certain age, must be timely replacement.
Three, whether the procurement should be a step in the wooden barrel
Because of the high cost of the barrel, some enterprises want to in the lucrative new winery, and in one step. The barrel that rentai this idea is not practical. The best wine is regular, small, continuous purchase. According to the annual wine situation, timely replacement. Select the appropriate wooden barrel. Since making friends, it is best to buy the size of the wooden barrel, replacing the wooden barrel according to the storage capacity for liquor.



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