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1. Avoiding light damage
Generally speaking, the door of the closed completely opaque solid wood wine cabinet is the best design to completely isolate ultraviolet rays. Generally, wine collectors do not see their own collection, they always feel as if there is something missing. Therefore, wine cabinets with glass doors are generally popular. The cost of glass doors with UV filtering function is much lower than that of ordinary glass. Therefore, it is better to ask clearly before purchasing.
2. The function of ventilation and air purification
The harmful gas sulfur dioxide will be produced in the process of wine aging, and sulfur dioxide will harm the cork, and then deteriorate the quality of wine. In the cellar, sulfur dioxide can be removed by natural ventilation, but in the closed environment of wine cabinet, sulfur dioxide will accumulate. Generally speaking, once ten days to open the door to let the wine cabinet ventilation, you can get rid of sulfur dioxide.
However, the fastidious collectors don't want to disturb the wine's long-term sleep every ten days. Therefore, for the air environment, the most intimate design is to install a ventilation and circulation system with activated carbon, so that as long as the activated carbon is replaced every two or three years, the wine can be kept in a good air environment.
3. The artistic style of wooden wine cabinet
Simplicity: Ancient complex style is the old school and all-round style beside the wine cabinet. It rejects all luxuriance and complexity, and advocates "at least is at most". A standing wooden wine cabinet can store more than 100 bottles of wine.
Romance: easy to use. The simple wooden wine rack is integrated with the style of the living room, which shows the tranquility and comfort of the European countryside. It can also be produced into a strange barrel shaped wine cabinet with the characteristics of servants.
Luxury: the best storage space for wine. It is not only used for wine storage, but also separated from wine display area and wine. The storage area of champagne has the smell of returning to ancient times, the downstream of modeling, and the precious material. The exquisite craft carving, etc. complement the gorgeous decoration that can be seen everywhere in the room - Baroque style ceiling, large scale decoration painting, European antique marble lighting, magnificent carpet, etc.
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