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Automatic intelligent wine vending machine is the gospel of the development of modern society. With the progress of society, the rapid development of science and technology, and the popularity of the concept of mobile payment, the vending industry is becoming more and more popular. Gradually, many traditional offline retail stores have been replaced by unmanned automatic intelligent wine vending machines. In time, unmanned wine vending machines have become a new trend. More and more friends begin to contact with the industry of automatic intelligent wine vending machines and develop their own new business.
Some time ago, a friend asked a question. What should I do if the normal automatic intelligent wine vending machine suddenly goes black?
Xiaobian is here to tell you that, in fact, the reason why the vending machine screen appears black is usually because the display screen temperature is too high. Of course, there are other reasons. First of all, we should remind you that when purchasing machines, we should choose vending machine manufacturers with good reputation and good service.
So, what is the reason for the black screen of automatic intelligent wine vending machine? What should we do with it?
Troubleshooting can be done according to the following idea.
1. Restart can solve most of the problems. Just like our computers and mobile phones, there are some unexpected failures during operation, which can be solved by simply restarting the machine.
2. Check the equipment circuit. Check whether the screen wiring connected to the lower machine control panel is loose; if not, check whether the power adapter is turned on and inserted. If the light does not come on, you need to replace the power adapter from the beginning.
3. Check the influence of environmental factors on the layout of vending machines. For example, if there are water stains around the display screen of the machine, if there are, the black screen of the machine may be caused by water.
4. Internal causes of the machine. If the common causes are excluded, there may be problems inside the machine, which is more serious. It is recommended to contact the manufacturer of the machine for maintenance.



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