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1. Save money and time. Compared with the traditional technology, it can save 50% of fuel, 50% of real estate and manpower, and 50% of time. The steaming of wine and steaming materials are almost completed together.
2. The yield of wine is high. According to the 50 ° liquor produced by 100 kg grain, the liquor yield rate of rice reached 90-100% and that of corn was 70-80%.
3. The quality of the wine is high. The liquor produced by this technology is white, sweet and refreshing, and pure in quality.
The physical and chemical reactions in the brewing equipment will not only have physical reactions, but also have chemical reactions in the process of brewing. In the wine body, white needle like crystals are deposited and reflect light, which changes little with the temperature. It is insoluble in alcohol, soluble in water, and not easy to disappear by shaking. The packaging does not attack at the moment, but gradually converges with the extension of time. It is generally believed that the deposition is caused by the slow chemical reaction of calcium and magnesium ions in the liquor and organic and inorganic anions in the liquor body.
Wine making equipment to be high, early to pinch the end of wine, to low alcohol wine late, with their own volunteer to flexibly grasp. The cost of such brewing equipment can be controlled by us.
There are also many flavoring substances in the tail of liquor making equipment: many high boiling point substances, especially flavoring substances, are gathered in the tail of liquor. According to the brewery, there are also a lot of miscellaneous flavor substances, such as glycoaldehydes from pentose, tyrosol from tyrosine, some phenolic compounds derived from tannin or lignin, and bitter fusel oil mixed in the liquor tail.
Under normal conditions, the alcohol content in liquor head or middle distillate liquor is basically stable, or has a slight downward trend, but it drops sharply when it is close to the tail liquor. In the liquor head and middle distillate liquor, the acid slightly increased under the basic stable condition, and increased greatly in the later stage. Aldehydes, esters and high boiling point fusel oil gathered in the liquor head and decreased with the continuous distillation.
Steamer distillation is the final process of liquor making. Xinjiang wine can manufacturers introduced that later it was a little stable, and esters rose in the end of the wine, because esters and high-grade alcohols gathered in the head of the wine. Therefore, taking 1kg-2kg liquor head in each steamer and storing it alone for one year is a kind of flavor liquor for blending liquor. It is also clarified that it is worthy of consideration and research in the production of famous and excellent liquor.
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