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1. Steady
It mainly refers to the relatively stable technological conditions of liquor making, including various ingredients ratio, and main pond entry conditions, such as starch, water content, acidity, temperature, etc., which should not be changed from high to low, large or small. If it is necessary to adjust due to seasonal and climatic changes, it should also be adjusted step by step. The purpose is to make the fermented grains warm up and produce acid slowly, and the starch consumption is relatively complete. In case of large discharge of liquor and vicious circulation of fermented grains acidity, it is also not allowed to retreat the bottom fermented grains, increase auxiliary materials and water.
2. Accurate
The production managers above the production team leader shall have a clear idea of the brewing process conditions, such as the proportion of ingredients, the temperature rise of fermented grains, acid production and liquor flow, etc., and operate in strict accordance with the technological procedures. The primary point of "accuracy" is the accuracy of ingredients, and the key point of quality control is the ratio of grains to grains. At least one accurate measurement or weighing should be carried out for the bottom fermented grains and water measuring containers. The temperature rise, acid production, starch, sugar, alcohol and other changes of fermented grains should be analyzed and observed. The production should be guided by the test data and the sense of responsibility should be strengthened.
3. Fine
It mainly refers to the meticulous operation, including raw materials and koji crushing suitable, ingredient operation, rice inspection field operation, steamer filling and distillation operation, fermentation operation and management, etc. it is not allowed to make crude products in a rough way, or rush to get off work.
4. Net
Wine making operation should pay attention to civilized production, clean and sanitary, including raw materials and auxiliary materials to be cleaned, cleaned and steamed, and no moldy, hot and caked raw and auxiliary materials should be used; Qu room, rice inspection field, wine making equipment, utensils, fermentation containers and wine storage containers should be cleaned and cleaned, and disinfection and sterilization should be carried out when necessary. All sewage, distiller's grains, bottom pot water is not clean for a long time.
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