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Using the automatic stubble cooler, the stubble missing from the stubble net belt directly falls into the stainless steel box designed by the machine. After cleaning, it is completely used in the pool, which is easy to clean and eliminate waste and environmental pollution. Before installation, there is no need to prepare the floor of the workshop. It can also be used on mobile as needed.
Compared with the original stubble machine, the full-automatic stubble cooler has more obvious advantages. The automatic stubble cooler is developed on the basis of the original stubble chopper. The original stubble chopper needs 40-50 minutes to cool stubble, and the upgraded automatic stubble cooler only needs about 20 minutes, which greatly shortens the time, improves the efficiency and shortens the working time.
Automatic stubble cooler is a kind of wine making equipment, which has the characteristics of high speed and high efficiency. It can automatically add water, bend down, discharge material, mix evenly, and achieve ideal cooling effect. Each stubble cooler is composed of crimping device, which is one of the most important devices. The crimping device is located at the bottom of the stubble cooler to form the collection function of the leakage material at the blanking opening, so as to save materials and avoid the phenomenon of waste.
1. A curved basket is arranged directly below the material outlet of the bending hopper of the stubble cooler and above the transmission chain at the bottom of the stubble cooler;
2. Both ends of the curved basket are respectively fixed on the beam of the stubble cooler bracket;
3. The curved basket is a folding guard board lifted at one end;
4. The lifting end of the folding guard plate is provided with an adjusting bolt to adjust the folding height of the connecting basket on the beam;
5. The bent material feeding hopper is arranged to form a leaky material collecting structure.
6. It can effectively collect and reuse the leaking materials, so as to save materials.



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