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Stainless steel horizontal stubble drying machine is composed of frame, fan, conveyor belt, beater, blanking device and discharge pipe. The machine can complete the process of spreading and drying, adding pulp, adding koji, mixing and discharging at one time. Compared with the traditional process, it greatly reduces the labor intensity and realizes automatic production. The full-automatic stubble cooling machine has the advantages of cooling effect, reducing power consumption, and solving the problem of self accumulation blockage of previous equipment. It is an ideal cold scattering equipment.
Components of stainless steel horizontal stubble drying machine
1. It is mainly composed of frame, fan and conveyor belt, which are successively connected to the stirring cage, beating bar, turnover bar, blanking device and discharge pipe
2. Fans are fixed on the frame at the side end of the conveyor belt and at least three fans are arranged. The blanking device is composed of a feeding hopper and a blanking roller fixed at the lower part of the hopper. The frame is provided with baffles higher than both sides of the conveyor line of the conveyor belt.
3. When using, the liquor stubble passes through the conveyor belt, and the fan works at the same time of crushing and mixing, so as to reduce the temperature rapidly. The cooled stubble is automatically mixed with distiller's yeast in the blanking device.
4. The utility model full-automatic stubble cooler has cooling effect, reduced power consumption, solved the self accumulation blockage phenomenon of existing equipment, and realized the automatic mixing of liquor stubble and distiller's yeast.
Whether it is the production of products, or machinery and equipment, there are advantages and disadvantages. There are a lot of brewing equipment in the market now. The manufacturers of these equipment are different, the materials used are also different, and the quality is certainly different. Only by using good brewing equipment can mellow wine be brewed. If the brewing equipment has the following characteristics, then it can be called a good brewing equipment. First of all, good brewing equipment can greatly save the cost, and the brewing time is much more than the previous technology.
Good brewing equipment using a small amount of raw materials, can brew a large number of wine, the operation process will be more simple. Secondly, the output of wine is relatively high, and more ingredients can be extracted from grains, so the use of grain raw materials will be greatly reduced. Then, the quality of these wines is very high. The color and taste of the wine are mellow. There are no other impurities in the wine. The selling price will naturally increase and the profit will be guaranteed. The amount of these chemical reactions that can be carried out in the wine making process and the chemical reactions that can be carried out in the wine making process will be reduced by the amount of substances that can be produced in the process of making wine.
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