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Stainless steel wine storage tank generally adopts lug support, that is, the upper end of the jacket is welded with lug type support, which belongs to suspended support. In this way, it can be used with other equipment such as condenser, pipeline, storage tank, etc. the supporting lug should have an operating platform. The design of the operating platform is based on the size of the reaction kettle, combined with channel steel, circular pipe, etc., according to the process matching other The equipment is easy to install and operate.
If a single reactor is used, the support legs are generally selected, that is, there are three or four leg supports in the jacket part at the bottom of the stainless steel wine storage tank, which belongs to the floor type support. Especially for the small stainless steel wine storage tank with the volume below 500L, it is not necessary to weld the operation platform to select this support mode, which is convenient to place and move. However, it is very important to determine the support The length of the leg, in other words, is the degree from the bottom valve to the ground. The length of the outrigger is generally about 500mm, but the length you need should be determined according to your specific use, such as how to receive the material and what kind of container to receive the material.
How to use stainless steel wine tank correctly
1) 校正pH电极和溶氧电极。
1) Adjust pH electrode and dissolved oxygen electrode.
2) 不锈钢储酒罐用罐体。根据需要将培养基配入罐体,按要求封装后,小型不锈钢储酒罐(5L)可将罐体放入大**锅**(115℃,30分钟);大型不锈钢储酒罐(10L及以上)采用蒸汽**(121℃,30min)。
2) Stainless steel wine tank body. The culture medium is added into the tank according to the requirements. After being packaged according to the requirements, the small stainless steel wine storage tank (5L) can put the tank body into the large * * pot * * (115 ℃, 30 minutes); the large stainless steel wine storage tank (10L and above) adopts steam * * (121 ℃, 30min).
3) 待不锈钢储酒罐的罐体冷却后,将其置于台上,安装完成;打开冷却水,打开气泵电源,连接通气管道开始通气,调节进气旋钮使通气量适当,使罐压保持在0.05MPa;设置温度、pH、搅拌速度等,并在确定的转速和通气量下对溶氧电极进行斜率标定,数值为100
3) After the tank body of the stainless steel wine storage tank is cooled, put it on the stage and complete the installation; turn on the cooling water, turn on the power supply of the air pump, connect the ventilation pipe to start ventilation, adjust the air intake knob to make the ventilation volume appropriate, and keep the tank pressure at 0.05Mpa; set the temperature, pH, stirring speed, etc., and calibrate the slope of dissolved oxygen electrode under the determined speed and ventilation rate, the value is 100
4) 待温度稳定,各项参数都正确后,将预摇的种子接入,开始,并开始记录各种参数。
4) When the temperature is stable and all parameters are correct, connect the pre shaken seeds, start timing, and start recording various parameters.
5) 完毕后清洗罐体和电极,将pH电极插入有3M氯化钾的三角瓶中待用,溶氧电极的探头用保护套,保存备用。
5) After that, clean the tank and electrode, insert the pH electrode into the triangular flask with 3M potassium chloride for use, and the probe of dissolved oxygen electrode shall be protected with protective sleeve for standby.
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