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There are a lot of complex circuits in liquor turnover drum. These circuits and components constitute the internal control system of the equipment, which controls the whole equipment and ensures the normal operation of the equipment. But their safe use will affect the use of the whole control system. Once these systems encounter rain, light circuit will appear short circuit, make the equipment stop working, if serious, the equipment will be wrong operation, even equipment explosion, seriously affect the safety of personnel. Therefore, it is recommended to use plastic to protect the equipment in the spring.
Maintenance contents of liquor turnover barrel:
After the equipment is used, the rubber hose and other parts should be cleaned first, and special attention should be paid to remove the oil dirt on the air pump and the soil in the concave part of the liquid medicine barrel. Since most pesticides have certain corrosive effects on sprayers, they should be washed in alkaline water and washed with clean water after discontinued. Especially after spraying corrosive pesticides such as Bordeaux solution, it is better to soak in alkaline water for 1-2 hours. Pay attention to prevent rust. All the components that can be removed should be removed and cleaned. The inner pipe wall of spray rod and nozzle shall be coated with oil to avoid damp and rust.
Secondly, check whether there is air leakage in each connection. When using, install clear water pipe first, and then install other things. When adding water, the stainless steel water tank should be kept unobstructed, and the liquid level should not exceed the safety water level line. Before use, open the water tank in advance to make the air pressure in the barrel rise to the working pressure to ensure smooth water supply.
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