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There are many types of small wine making equipment. Under all normal conditions, breweries use large and medium-sized machinery and equipment to brew pure grain wine, while small and medium-sized machinery and equipment used in nightclubs, hotels and restaurants can consider the requirements of liquor making. In fact, small and medium-sized machinery and equipment are relatively simple to use. Under all normal conditions, the manufacturer will show specific guidance on the initial application. If there are winemakers among the users, it will be better. When using small-scale brewing equipment to make wine, the technical standard for liquor making is also very high.
The demand for wine is great, but the actual effect is not very good because of the high labor consumption and slow efficiency. The emergence of small wine making equipment does not need to consume a lot of human resources and time, which brings a lot of convenience.
After the purchase of small wine making equipment, it must be installed according to the method taught by technical personnel and the drawings in the manual. Reasonable layout of boiler, steam drum and other equipment location. Use steam to clean up before use.
Before proceeding, we should check whether the connection of steam pipe is normal, whether the valve to be opened has been opened, and whether the cover of steam drum has been opened. Then open the water valve, add the water to the high water mark, and then start to boil water. After the water boils for about half an hour, turn off the fire and the steam cleaning is finished. During this period, when the boiler is burning, the steam valve above the boiler must be opened.
The steam cabinet of small wine making equipment should avoid empty burning without water. Sometimes, the water in the steam cabinet has been burned out because of carelessness. At this time, there will be no water to cause empty burning. This will not only cause huge loss of equipment, but also cause fire. Therefore, everyone must pay attention to this point and form a good habit. After each steaming, drainage must be carried out and the equipment should be cleaned in time. Otherwise, the internal material residue will cause blockage of the pipeline, which will affect the use in the future.



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