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① Pre polishing in flat state: push the electric polishing trolley by hand, and the operator can master the contact surface between polishing wheel and working object and the speed of trolley.
②大直径简体内壁的抛光:将简体放置在焊接用反转架上,简体以400~700 mm/min低速旋转,将抛光小车用吊杆置于横臂上伸入筒内。或用四轮抛光小车直接放在筒内进行圆弧抛光。送进量由操编辑控制。
② Polishing of the inner wall of large diameter cylinder: place the cylinder on the reverse rack for welding, rotate the cylinder at a low speed of 400-700 mm / min, and place the hanger rod of the polishing trolley on the cross arm and extend it into the cylinder. Or four wheel polishing car is directly placed in the cylinder for arc polishing. The feeding volume is controlled by the operator.
③ Inner wall polishing of small diameter cylinder: rolling on a four claw long plate, after decelerating and rotating, a special long shaft polishing wheel is extended into the cylinder for rotary polishing, and the feeding amount is controlled by the operator.
G. polish the elliptic curve part of the inner wall of the head, and fix the working object on the turntable with an inclination angle of 200-450, and install the small-diameter pneumatic tools on the polishing wheel. It is polished from the outside to the center along the circumference direction.
(10)磨光采用分段打磨,(每段200~300 mm) 磨轮在焊缝上横向移动,须注意防止长期停在一个地点上,避免局部发热产生挠曲。
(10) The grinding wheel (200-300 mm in each section) shall move horizontally on the weld joint. Attention shall be paid to prevent long-term stop at one place and deflection caused by local heating.
2 pickling and passivation process
(1) 目的在制造过程中,由于加热,焊接、敲打、搬运等破坏了钢材表面的钝化膜,使表面生成水锈及氧化皮,损害了产品的外观,降低了不锈钢耐磨蚀性能。酸洗后的表面应是干净光滑,然后作钝化处理,使加工后的表面重新生成新的钝化膜(Cr203),因此酸洗钝化应在抛光后进行,属于一道工序,
(1) Objective in the manufacturing process, due to heating, welding, beating and handling, the passive film on the steel surface is destroyed, water rust and oxide scale are formed on the surface, which damages the appearance of the product and reduces the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the stainless steel. After pickling, the surface should be clean and smooth, and then passivation treatment should be carried out to regenerate a new passivation film (CR203) on the machined surface. Therefore, pickling and passivation should be carried out after polishing, which belongs to the last process,
(21酸洗配方的选择采用以H N03为主的配方。
(21) hn03 is the main formula for pickling.
F31 pickling and passivation process operation
(a)酸洗液配制适用涂酸:按体积比将20 010的 HN03与5010的HF和750/0 HzO在室温下混和均匀。
(a) Suitable acid coating for acid pickling solution preparation: mix 20 010 hn03 with 5010 HF and 750 / 0 HZO at room temperature.
钝化液的配制:按体积比将40%~500/0的 HN03与60%~50%的H20在室温下混和均匀。
Preparation of passivation solution: mix 40% ~ 500 / 0 hn03 and 60% ~ 50% H20 at room temperature.
(b) first use organic solvents (banana water, pine perfume, etc.) to remove the local paint on the stainless steel surface, then use tools to remove slag and remove spatter.
fc1用loo/oN a2 C03水溶液洗去不锈钢表面上的油污f严重的油污可用7%~8%NaOH水溶液清洗然后用水冲净擦干)。
FC1 use loo / on A2 C03 aqueous solution to remove the oil stain on the stainless steel surface. F the serious oil stain can be cleaned with 7% ~ 8% NaOH solution, and then washed with water and wiped dry).
(d) The inner and outer surface of stainless steel shall be repeatedly cleaned with pickling brush, and the weld edge shall be cleaned with steel wire brush. The pickling process shall always be kept wet without interruption.
(e) Acid pickling shall not be excessive, and pitting and pitting shall not occur at any time. Generally, the surface shall be silvery white.
The surface of FF1 pickling should be passivated as soon as possible.
(g) The steel parts with carbon related to the container shall be coated with red lead immediately to prevent rust.
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