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Note 1: water quality requirements of dispatching and adding slurry
In order to avoid precipitation, soft water should be used instead of untreated hard water if the filling liquor needs to be added.
Note 2: matters needing attention when using solid liquor tail to reduce alcohol content
Solid liquor tail not only contains a certain amount of alcohol molecules, but also contains rich flavor substances. It is an effective method to improve the quality of ordinary liquor by using tail liquor. However, due to the high content of high-grade fatty ethyl ester in it, the liquor prepared is easy to lose luster, turbidity and precipitate at low temperature. Therefore, it is necessary to deal with it according to the situation in winter. For high and medium grade liquor, it is not easy to use tail liquor to reduce alcohol content, and it is easy to use high degree of liquor picking to reduce alcohol content Pulp method.
Note 3: solid liquor production should be strictly segmented wine picking
When distilling liquor, attention should be paid to eliminating the end of liquor, and the liquor tail should not be pulled too long, and a certain degree of storage should be maintained. Otherwise, it will not only make the liquor complex, but also make the liquor turbid and precipitated.
Notes on liquor filling or filling
When storing or filling liquor, it is necessary to avoid contacting with copper, iron and other utensils as far as possible. It is better to use pottery or stainless steel tank for wine storage container, stainless steel liquor flow pipeline for wine pump, and foot tube or stainless steel tube is better for liquor pump, so as to prevent liquor from discoloration or precipitation caused by copper and iron ions, which will affect the sensory quality of liquor.
Note 5: avoid high temperature
With high temperature and high alcohol Volatilization Coefficient, if the tank is sealed, the pressure will rise; if the pressure resistance of the storage tank is not good, it will explode; if it is not sealed, the alcohol will be lost. It is suggested that the wall of the liquor tank should be cooled by water spraying from time to time, and the temperature should be controlled below 25 ℃.
Note 6: prevent static electricity
There is a great possibility of sparks due to static electricity. The way to prevent static electricity is to connect the static jumper wire at the flange connection of the pipeline, and then direct the static electricity to the ground. In addition, your liquor tank must have a lightning protection ground wire with a resistance of less than 10 ohm. The electrical equipment connected to or near the liquor tank must be explosion-proof.



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