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The emergence of automatic wine vending machine has changed our traditional liquor sales mode and accelerated the arrival of o2o era of wine sales. Through the establishment of intelligent liquor consumption service platform, the automatic wine vending machine establishes online and offline integrated services. "Through the smart retail terminal, you can buy wine in one or two days, or you can order and buy good wine on demand through mobile app, instead of buying the whole bottle of wine." One consumer said.
The vending machine has changed the wine sales mode. The future development direction can start from the following points:
1. Consumption on demand
The existence of automatic wine vending machine solves the problem of bringing wine with you. Consumers can only take it when the restaurant has a demand, and they don't need to open the whole bottle and worry about the handling of scattered drinks.
2. Convenient and fast
Online shopping and mobile applications allow you to buy wine anytime, anywhere, and pick up wine from a nearby vending machine (within 5 km).
3. High cost performance
Due to its superior distribution mode, as well as the substantial savings in logistics costs, management and operation costs, and other market costs and expenses, the liquor vending machine takes the price of liquor factory as the price, which is far lower than the price of homogeneous products in the market, and has high cost performance.
4. Source protection and elimination of fake wine
With the new RFID identification technology, the authenticity can be determined in the wine vending machine to ensure that every drop of wine taken by users is strictly verified and 100% reliable. Moreover, it can check the product source, production and logistics information, and even the production raw materials and the person in charge of the production line, so as to realize the possibility of traceability and accountability, and ensure the authenticity and reliability of the wine.
It is understood that there is a wine storage space inside the vending machine, corresponding to different wines, enriching the choice of consumers and effectively preventing the mixing of different flavors of wine. The terminal contains a chip and is connected with the electronic main control unit. Consumers only need to swipe the card on the touch screen when taking wine. The single drinking amount can be as small as 50ml, and the drinking amount can be accurate to 1ml, which can meet the needs of consumers to take wine on demand.



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