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橡木的作用有哪些,橡木,即栎属,是壳斗科 (Fagaceae)的一个属。栎属有600个种,其中450种来自栎亚属和150则是青刚亚属。它们分布在北半球温和地区,主要是北美洲。橡木在马来半岛地区也盛产,其中北美洲以美国宾州的红橡更为。那么橡木的作用有哪些呢
What are the functions of oak? Oak, or Quercus, is a genus of Fagaceae. There are 600 species of Quercus, 450 of which are from subgenus Quercus and 150 from subgenus Cyclobalanopsis. They are distributed in temperate regions of the northern hemisphere, mainly in North America. Oak is also abundant in the Malay Peninsula, among which the red oak of Pennsylvania is the most famous in North America. What are the functions of oak
Furniture panel
Oak is widely used in upholstery and furniture because of its excellent material properties: heavy hard oak, straight texture, coarse structure, light color, beautiful texture, high mechanical strength, wear resistance, but the wood is not easy to dry, sawn and cut. Oak is widely used in decoration materials, furniture materials, sports equipment, shipbuilding materials, vehicle materials, floor materials and so on. The slicing of white oak and red oak is also an ideal material for veneering plywood. The pattern of white oak and red oak is different from that of cross grain. The straight grain is more beautiful and the price is slightly higher
The porosity of oak allows the wine stored in oak barrels to evaporate and oxidize to a certain extent, but does not cause wine deterioration. Five to six (20.8 to 24.6 liters) of wine evaporate in a 59 gallon (225 liter) oak barrel, most of which is alcohol and water, leaving more aromatic compounds to make the wine more delicious.
Phenols in oak react with wine to produce aroma and sweetness. At the same time, the tannin in wine will also change. The hydrolyzable tannin in oak lignin is called ellagic tannin, which can prevent wine oxidation.
The wine can be placed in oak barrels during fermentation and can be aged or matured after fermentation. White wine fermented in oak barrels has a whiter color and softer taste. Wine in oak barrels is often described as having caramel, cream, smoke and spices, most of which are added in the first month of the barrel.
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