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1. In places like wineries, stainless steel wine tanks are used more often, so the safety protection of stainless steel wine tanks is particularly important. Smoking should be prohibited in the place with stainless steel wine tank, and no smoking slogan should be pasted to remind staff not to smoke, which is easy to catch fire.
2. In the stainless steel wine tank area, a full-time safety protection administrator should be set up. The administrator should regularly inspect, maintain and manage the stainless steel wine tank.
3. Workers entering and leaving the stainless steel wine tank farm should wear anti-static clothing, high-heeled shoes with iron nails, lighters or other kindling materials, and electronic products such as mobile phones are not allowed to be brought in.
4. It is strictly forbidden to bring children or pets into the wine tank area, or carry dangerous chemicals such as inflammable, explosive, toxic and harmful.
5. Each stainless steel wine tank should be grounded to prevent static electricity, and the grounding resistance should not be greater than 100 ohm, and it should be tested once a year.
6. Each stainless steel wine tank needs to be equipped with a breathing valve.
7. When a new stainless steel wine tank group is built, an overflow tank shall be provided to ensure the liquor with the maximum tank capacity of the tank group.
The stainless steel water tower and indoor calculated temperature refers to the average air temperature in the people's activity area within 2m from the ground, and the selection of indoor air temperature. It should meet the requirements of people's life and production technology. Room temperature required for production. It is generally proposed by the process designer. It is mainly determined by the physiological heat balance of the human body, and it is related to many factors, such as the use of the room, indoor humidity and heat dissipation intensity, labor intensity, living habits and living standards



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