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1、 As the name implies, degrease is the use of wood for cooking. The water in the boiler is heated to boiling, and the material is put into the boiler and cooked at high temperature for more than 12 hours. It degreases and kills the eggs in the wood.
2、 In order to realize the forced drying of wood (controlling moisture content and stress), wood drying equipment must have three basic functions: heating, humidity control and ventilation. The heating function is self-evident; the humidity control (spray steam or mist water) is used to ensure the high humidity environment required in some drying stages and prevent wood cracking and deformation; the ventilation equipment must ensure that the hot and humid air passes through all parts of the timber pile evenly, so that the moisture content and stress of the dried wood are uniform. At present, there are two kinds of drying methods;
1. Simple, oven drying. In general, it is difficult to organize reasonable air circulation and adjust humidity directly or indirectly by heating furnace gas. It is very difficult to obtain good drying effect (control moisture content and stress) with this simple equipment.
With scientific and reasonable design, good ventilation equipment, automatic temperature control and humidity control, the moisture content of wood and the stress generated by wood can be accurately controlled, and all parts of the wood pile are even.
三、选料(Choose to anticipate),经过蒸煮脱脂,烘干。再进行材料的优劣筛选,本身橡木木节疤多,一些死节疤料给淘汰。
3、 Choose to resist, cook, degrease and dry. After that, the quality and quality of the material were screened out, and some of the dead knot materials were eliminated.
4、 Molding (model), a good strong barrel mainly comes from the molding design. The selected materials are designed according to different models and sizes.
5、 Polish to form the barrel behind the Trichoderm. Grinding is divided into three parts: grinding the inner circle - closing the bottom - grinding the outer circle.
六、箍桶(Hoop bucket),桶箍现在市场一般选用的是镀锌的钢皮与不锈钢皮,材料的厚度在3mm。
6、 Hoop hoop is generally made of galvanized steel and stainless steel with a thickness of 3mm.
7、 Anticorrosion, waterproof treatment, fine grinding. Immerse the whole barrel in antiseptic solution, which must be completely immersed in wood. According to this treatment, it will not rot after more than 20 years. Wait until the antiseptic solution on the surface of the barrel is completely dry. The hand sanding should be smooth and even.
8、 Paint, paint is also an important quality, spray production, thick film, environmental protection and health, water resistance, high temperature, acid and alkali resistance is excellent. The paint must meet the national inspection standards.
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