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1. Deal with the water quality of wine making
As the saying goes: "water is the blood of wine", winemakers have always attached great importance to the quality of water used for wine making, requiring odorless, fresh, slightly sweet and palatable. In terms of chemical composition, the brewing water should be slightly acidic to facilitate saccharification and fermentation; the total hardness should be appropriate to promote the growth and reproduction of yeast; less organic matter and heavy metals would be better. In addition, the trace minerals in the water are conducive to the growth of wine making microorganisms.
2. Select the right raw materials
The content of starch or sugar in raw materials should be given priority in the selection of raw materials, which is related to the yield of raw materials. For example, when brewing glutinous rice wine, glutinous rice should be used as raw material, but some people buy non sticky glutinous rice because they don't know the varieties of glutinous rice. This will naturally lead to poor fermentation, bad taste, low alcohol production and low alcohol content.
3. You need to add the right Koji
The quality of koji directly affects the fermentation speed, liquor yield and liquor flavor. Wheat bran and other cereals were used as raw materials for saccharification and alcohol fermentation.
4. Clean wine making environment
In the brewing process, attention should be paid to avoid the infection of mixed bacteria. Whether the operating environment is clean, whether the wine bottle disinfection work is in place, and the health awareness of operators will affect the quality of liquor fermentation. In addition to the above factors, it is also related to the cleanliness of raw materials and environmental hygiene.
5. Use appropriate brewing equipment
Good materials should be used in brewing equipment. If the material of the equipment is not good, the wine may contain lead. The brewing process is basically operated by people, so the brewing equipment must meet the needs and convenience of human body. Wine storage barrel is better than wine quality, it needs to be put in ceramic pot first, and then packed in ceramic basin or glass bottle. But pay attention to the air density, otherwise the wine is easy to volatilize. Therefore, making each drop of wine depends on whether the cost of raw materials is low or high, so that the same time will not be spent brewing liquor, and the unforgettable taste will not be produced.



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