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1.用不锈钢容器贮存白酒,适合短期贮存。因不锈钢容器稳定性好,不易氧化。不利于酒的呼吸和代谢 。口感会略差一些。不适合长期贮存。很多大的酒厂都用不锈钢来盛放白酒,是因为不锈钢容器贮存量比较大。
1. Using stainless steel container to store liquor is suitable for short-term storage. Because of the good stability of stainless steel container, it is not easy to oxidize. It is not conducive to the breath and metabolism of wine. The taste will be slightly worse. Not suitable for long-term storage. Many large wineries use stainless steel to hold liquor because of the large storage capacity of stainless steel containers.
2. Glass container is suitable for storage of finished liquor. The glass container has good sealing performance and is not easy to volatilize. It can be stored for a long time.
3. Ceramic container is suitable for storage of liquor. The advantage of ceramic container is that it can keep the quality of wine, and the air is easy to enter, so as to promote the aging of wine, and the cost is low. The longer the wine is stored in the ceramic container, the more metal will be dissolved and the yellow wine color will be. Therefore, the color of wine is related to the storage life. In the same period of time, the coloring degree will vary greatly with the material and quality of the container. In ceramic containers, whether it is ceramic containers or cement storage tanks inlaid with ceramic tiles, the dissolution amount of calcium is the most, followed by magnesium, copper and iron. According to the research, these metal ions dissolve in wine and play an important role in the aging of wine.
4. Using plastic barrel is not suitable for long-term liquor filling. Toxic substances in plastic will be released by alcohol, which is harmful to human body.
5. There is a traditional wine container in China called blood container. It is suitable for high-grade liquor storage. Because water can permeate blood, it is not suitable for liquor below 30 ℃.
6. For large distilleries, they like to use cement tanks to store liquor. It is a large semi underground wine container built with reinforced concrete.
7. For brandy, whisky and other foreign spirits are generally stored in oak barrels.



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