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1. The first important factor is temperature. The best storage temperature of red wine should be about 13 ℃. The temperature is better to keep constant, otherwise it will cause great damage to the quality of the wine. With the increase of temperature, the time needed for wine ripening will also be reduced, the flavor of wine will become more and more unsmooth, and the wine may deteriorate due to excessive air oxidation.
2. The effect of environmental humidity is mainly on the cork, and the ambient humidity of 60% - 70% is more suitable. If the environmental humidity is too low, the cork will become more and more dry, which will affect the actual sealing effect, make more air contact with wine, accelerate the air oxidation of wine, and lead to the decline of wine quality. Of course, high humidity is not good, and moldy corks can also damage the quality of the wine.
3. The ultraviolet ray in the light is also very harmful to the wine, which is one of the fundamental reasons for accelerating the air oxidation process of wine. Therefore, if you want to keep the red wine for a long time, you must put it in the dark place.
4. Red wine in the barrel, its change is a slow process, vibration will accelerate the ripening of red wine, of course, the result is the wine more and more unsmooth. So it should be placed away from vibration and not moved frequently.
5. There is also the placement of wine barrels. We all know that red wine should be placed horizontally. In fact, it is OK to tilt the bottle mouth upward by 15 degrees. For red wine that needs to be stored for a long time, it is not advisable to place the bottom of the barrel. Because the red wine will sink after a long time of storage. If the wine is placed horizontally or the bottle mouth is slightly inclined, the sedimentation will gather at the bottom; if the bottle mouth is inclined, the sedimentation will gather at the mouth of the bottle, and it will stick there after a long time. When pouring the wine, it will pour into the wine cup together with the sink, which will affect the taste of the wine.



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