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The automatic stubble drying machine adopts two rotors, which can crush the materials more carefully, and it is not easy to block without screen specifications. Even the high and low temperature materials that can not be crushed by the old stubble cooler can be easily crushed without blocking. The main features of the automatic stubble drying machine are low cost, high production capacity, easy to crush. The total number and position of adjustable internal hammers come from the control of feed size. Automatic stubble drying machine with high-quality product quality, comprehensive after-sales maintenance service, constantly improve customer satisfaction with enterprise machinery and equipment.
The automatic air stubble machine is the main equipment used to brew liquor. The main process in the liquor brewing process is distillation, which determines the quality and quality of liquor. Therefore, liquor equipment usually has electric heating, gas heating and other ways.
Compared with the old machine, the new automatic stubble drying machine is much better for wine making operation. Because the overall performance of the new machine is better, as long as the brewing technology is in place, the wine produced is generally good. But, you know what? Although the new stubble cooler is easy to use, it also pays attention to the early operation. The following six points should be paid attention to.
1. Reasonable layout of boiler, steam drum, condenser location. For some boilers which use firewood and coal as fuel, the boiler can be installed outside in consideration of sanitation.
2. Use steam to completely kill virus before use. Pay attention to the use of the boiler in the process of burning must open the steam valve above the boiler
3. In the process of steaming wine, the water level of steam cabinet should be observed at any time and water should be added to the furnace in time.
4. The steam tank shall not be burnt without water.
5. The stubble cooler poured fermented grains into the steaming bucket.
6. After steaming wine, it is necessary to clean the equipment of drainage and distiller's grains.



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