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1. Grain pretreatment
If it is grain, first of all, soak the grain for about 24 hours, so that the grain can absorb enough water, and then cook or steam the grain. It doesn't matter how to ripen the grain. It's important to ripen the grain whether it's boiling or steaming. If it is fruit, it is to wash the fruit, peel it, and then mash it into pulp. Fruits do not need to be cooked or steamed. They are all special fruits that need to be soaked in warm water to remove the astringency of the peel. For example, persimmon, the soaking time is about 24 hours.
2. Next song
The meaning of "Xiaqu" is to add distiller's yeast into grain according to a certain proportion and mix it evenly. The ratio of distiller's yeast on the market is usually about 5% to 10%, and the amount of distiller's yeast we operate is 6 / 1000. That is to say, 100 catties of steamed or boiled grain according to the proportion of 6 cities plus koji. If it is fruit wine, it is directly in the fruit juice to add koji. The temperature of koji is also very important. Different koji can adapt to different temperature range. The common temperature range is 26 to 35 degrees.
3. 发酵
3. Fermentation
After adding distiller's yeast and stirring evenly, put the grain or fruit slurry that has been mixed into the distiller's yeast into the container, and then seal it with plastic paper or plastic film and cover it. During the whole operation process, it is necessary to prevent the entry of miscellaneous bacteria, and the operating container should use boiling water. The fermentation time is about 10 days for grain wine and 5 days for fruit wine.
4. 蒸馏
4. Distillation
In some places, steaming wine is called roasted wine or Shaojiu. The appellation varies from place to place, so I won't go into details here. The grain or fruit in the container, after a period of fermentation, will produce a strong wine flavor, and then the wine can be distilled. Using heating equipment, electricity, gas and coal can be used as heating fuel, and the convenient and environmental protection method should be selected as far as possible. It takes about 2-3 hours to distill in one pot.
5. Loading wine
After distilling for a period of time, you can see the pure wine coming out of the liquor outlet of the cooler. The container for wine can be used in barrels or wine cans, etc., and sterilization treatment should be done before use.
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