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(1) Bubble grain pure grain wine making equipment stubble machine which strong bubble grain should first water grain. First put boiling water at about 90 ℃ (grain water ratio is about 1:1)
(2) Automatic stubble cooling machine manufacturer plus grain mixing. The temperature of soaking water was 73-74 ℃, higher than 70 ℃.
Soaking time: 3-4 hours in winter and 1-1.5 hours in summer. It is important to reduce the time from soaking in water to dry steamer. If there is a standard, it can be reduced to less than 10 hours. After soaking the grains, let them drip dry. Soak them with cold water before steaming the next morning to remove the acid water. After dripping, fill the steamer.
(3) The time from the first steaming (also known as dry steaming) of automatic stubble cooler to round gas should be short, generally no more than 50 minutes, and the initial steaming time from round steam with stagnant water should be maintained for 2-2.5 hours. The purpose of initial steaming is that the grains of bract rice meet the heat and have strong water absorption capacity, thus reducing the cooking time and cassava starch outflow.
(4) Full automatic stubble cooler factory stuffy water (or called stuffy grain) two times of mixing: one time from the steamer surface, time is 6-10 minutes, do not need to be too slow, so that the steamer surface temperature after mixing water can reach 72-73 ℃, not more than 75 ℃, higher than 70 ℃, and the water flow should be 15-20 cm away from the water level that must be mixed twice; roller crusher
The suction filtration gravity casting grinding roller is used as dynamic balancing machine, with stable operation and long service life. The temperature on the surface of the steamer is higher than that at the bottom of the steamer. The mixing time is 20-30 minutes.
At present, the automatic stubble cooler is widely used in the wine making process. It is necessary to mix grains and add koji before the grains are stored in the cellar. At the same time, the temperature should be reduced to the appropriate temperature for entering the cellar. The grain is transferred to the channel of the automatic stubble cooler manufacturer. After the grains are mixed, the stubble beater turns back and forth for several times, and then the fan under the channel blows air to achieve the cooling purpose. After adding koji, it can be put into the cellar for fermentation. In the whole operation, the stirring force of the automatic stubble cooler manufacturer is too strong, which makes the fermented grains very high. Some fermented grains are even scattered outside the field, causing the possibility of miscellaneous bacteria
This operation wastes raw materials. Secondly, the full-automatic stubble cooling machine manufacturers need to work with live line. If the wires can not be handled properly, it will bring great safety risks to the production. The main purpose of the utility model is to provide supporting equipment for distiller's grains mixing, stubble breaking and other operations in the liquor brewing process, aiming at reducing the waste of raw materials, production safety problems and labor waste caused by the use of stubble machine in the liquor making process.
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