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Extending the service life of equipment is a complex system engineering, which involves the design, installation, commissioning, use, maintenance, management and other aspects of the equipment. All these should be people-oriented and system oriented. The service life of the equipment has always been a stubborn problem troubling the production of enterprises. The replacement of equipment is not a small cost. In fact, the equipment life of most departments is not long, which is caused by human factors. As long as the equipment is well maintained, some equipment in the same situation can be used for 2-3 years or even longer.
1. Maintenance. It is necessary to thoroughly implement the relevant specifications for equipment maintenance. In daily use, due to long service time and incorrect operation, problems may occur. Only by doing routine maintenance can the service life of the equipment be extended.
In operation, the probability of failure will be greatly reduced. In the process of using the wine making equipment, you should often check to add oil mist to it. The oil should be kept at one third of the position. The discharge piston and the sealing ring at the lower end of the discharge cylinder should be replaced regularly. If you want to clean the equipment, it is necessary to avoid scratches caused by hard objects. If there are pollutants, alcohol can be applied to wipe it to keep the fuselage clean. The check valve and stainless steel tee joint of the equipment need to be cleaned frequently. Keep it dry and maintain it regularly. For example, mineral oil needs to be placed in the water cup and filter element of the gas-water separator, and then it is blown dry with compressed air.
2. Maintenance. Usually, when we use brewing equipment, we should pay attention to the parameters of the equipment, pay attention to adding engine oil to ensure the normal use of the equipment. It is very important that the sealing ring of the liquor making equipment is a vulnerable part, so we should pay attention to inspection and replace it in time if it is damaged; it is very important to clean the brewing equipment regularly, but pay attention to avoid scratching the equipment by hard objects For some pollutants, we can use alcohol to wipe; regularly clean the internal parts of the equipment, and after cleaning, it is recommended to dry them with compressed air. At ordinary times, when using the equipment, it is necessary to operate in strict accordance with the instructions.
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