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Method 1: the restaurant uses the exclusive "liquor collection card" to purchase wine on behalf of consumers at the terminal of intelligent liquor vending machine, and the consumers pay cash to the restaurant;
Mode two: users place orders under APP, use account (WeChat, Alipay) to pay for liquor purchase, to the offline intelligent sale of wine terminal, in "my wine cabinet" enter account password directly take wine. Or give it to others: get the wine code, go to the offline intelligent liquor selling terminal, and input the wine code to get the wine.
Advantages of automatic and intelligent wine vending machine:
1. The intelligent liquor selling terminal combines the Internet with offline business opportunities, completely subverts the traditional consumption mode and sales method of Chinese liquor, and realizes a new retail mode integrating online and offline resources.
2. It supports the flexible payment mode of integration of wechat payment, online payment, UnionPay card payment, prepaid stored value card payment and other means, which greatly reduces the human cost of operation and realizes the openness and transparency of accounting.
3. The whole process of RFID electronic tag anti-counterfeiting, creating a whole process supply chain management system and logistics tracking system from purchase to sales, from winery to physical stores.
4. Establish a new customer relationship platform, truly achieve precision marketing, background data can clearly show customers' drinking preference, the specific amount of alcohol consumed in the year, and recommend products and activities according to personal preferences, thus building a new type of customer relationship.
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