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1. In the long run, automatic sale is a new trend and channel
"It should be said that automatic selling is a trend and new channel in the future beverage industry." This is how the researchers who are engaged in the marketing of wine industry regard the automatic sale of wine.
According to his observation, in recent years, there are more and more enterprises studying automatic wine vending machine (not limited to bulk liquor) among manufacturers, distributors, stores, etc. Moreover, in the first mock exam of this year, several friends around him have discussed with him the feasibility of this model.
A long-term study of the wine industry ecological industry believes that: "automatic sales + pure grain pulp + Red Flag chain, this is a model innovation, is a valuable exploration."
For a long time, the industry has been advocating brand, high-end and chain wine sales. The emergence of automatic wine sales mode is an innovative exploration of the sales mode of bulk wine.
2. Although it's a trend, the pain points used to sell alcohol are prominent
In the future, there will be many challenges when the trend is used in the present, and automatic wine selling is no exception. "Although selling wine automatically is a valuable exploration, there are two problems."
On the one hand, the combination of vending machines and convenience stores has limited value from the current experience of liquor sales channels; on the other hand, whether the brand trend of pure grain bulk liquor can be amplified in convenience stores remains to be verified.
The automatic vending machine has its own advanced nature and shortcomings.
The advanced nature lies in that the automatic selling machine solves the problems of terminal sales and personnel maintenance, but the shortage lies in that the automatic selling machine is difficult to solve the problem of equipment delivery and subsequent maintenance, and the legal problem of buying alcohol by automatic selling machine for the under 18 years old.
3. Too strong sense of science and technology may not match the existing image of liquor
Vending machine is a mature channel, which is very prosperous in the Japanese and American vending machine industry with advanced technology. It can be said that the development of science and technology has helped the vending machine get rid of many difficulties.
It is true that the change of domestic payment mode, the popularization of mobile payment, the purification of equipment delivery place and the decrease of vending machine cost all make the trend of vending machine stronger gradually, but these do not solve the core problems of liquor sales.
"Liquor vending machines have a strong sense of technology, which may not match the consumption and drinking demand of liquor to some extent." Xu Wei said frankly that the liquor vending machine may be a technology failure.
As we all know, liquor is mainly "cultural", and liquor industry is also an industry willing to flaunt "ancient tradition", which is the two major characteristics of liquor consumption and drinking.
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