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After the flash technology of the brewing equipment, the raw material quality is improved, the color of red wine is increased, and the pigment stability is strong, more mature tannins make the taste richer. It should be noted that the flash technology is not selective for the extraction of the solid part of grape, that is to say, "high quality tannin" is also extracted at the same time of "high quality tannin". Therefore, for the raw materials with poor quality, the technology can only strengthen the quality defects of wine and reduce the quality of wine. Fruit wine is a kind of alcohol fermented by yeast with the sugar of fresh fruit, which contains the flavor and alcohol of fruit. Therefore, folk families often brew some fruit wine to drink. Such as plum wine, wine, bayberry wine, kiwi wine and so on.
Because there will be some wild yeasts and some sucrose in the skin of these fruits, there will be some fermentation effects without increasing the rated yeast. However, the traditional way of making wine is often time-consuming and simple to be polluted. Therefore, adding some active yeast is an ideal way to make fruit wine quickly.
Wine can only be broken or not broken fresh grape fruit or grape juice after thorough or partial alcohol fermentation to obtain a beverage with alcohol degree no less than 8.5%. There are many kinds of wine. Because of the different grape culture and wine production technology, the product styles are different. General dividend wine and white wine, sparkling wine three. The former is made by soaking and fermenting red grape with skin; the latter is made by fermenting grape juice.
Different red wines wake up at different times, and there are some common sense in the process of sobering up, so that the red wine wakes up smoothly!
1. The lighter the vintage and the higher the tannins, the longer the sober up time.
2. When the wine is poured into the decanter, it can be shaken quietly.
3. It takes less time to use the fast decanter than the dish decanter, but the old wine doesn't advocate using the fast decanter.
4. To sober up with a mixing and sobering machine can make the wine more fragrant.
5. Learn how to pour unfiltered wine into a decanter while using a candle or flashlight.
6. Stainless steel filter can be used to separate the wine residue from the wine.
7. Most red wines last 12 to 18 hours after being put into the bottle.
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